hjälp med logistik

Freight within Sweden, Europe and cross trade.

Get help with your internal and external transportation needs.

Offer your customers a hassle-free transport with carrying assistance and customized delivery at a fixed price.

Or take advantage of our already agreed shipping prices for pallets, general cargo and parcels.

We work closely with transport companies in Stockholm and the rest of the world.

Whatever your needs and type of shipment, we will help you!

Pallet, partload, FTL, groupage, parcels, machine and vehicles.

Within Sweden, we help with the transport of loose goods such as furniture and other bulky items. We can offer carrying assistance, assembly and unpacking aswell.

Within Europe, we have built up a network of local and international hauliers to be able to offer reliable freight services at a good price. We take care of part load, FTL, machinery and all kinds of goods inside Europe and cross trade.


Solve your freights in a smooth and safe way with personal and present contact.

Felda acts as a freight forwarder and provides the best transport solution for you and stitches it all together.

All partners have the necessary permits and comprehensive insurance.

Contact Felda today and let us take care of your logistics and transportation in Sweden.

Special transports

  • Heavy machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Building materials
  • Bulk

Transportation permit




All assignments are carried out by companies that hold a licence to operate commercial transport. All carriers have solid experience and good reviews.

Felda has liability insurance as well as freight forwarder insurance for the safety of all parties.

The assignments are carried out in accordance with the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders' General Regulations. Read more about the division of responsibility and what applies in the event of damage or loss.

Felda Logistics AB acts as a freight forwarder and sews together the most optimal transport solution for you, with a wide network and contacts in the transport and haulage industry, you get the best service at an advantageous price. All assignments are carried out in accordance with NSAB 2015.