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Transport & distribution for Mjuk

Together with our partners, we deliver furniture and interior items to Mjuk’s customers in and around Stockholm. We collect returns and deliver to private individuals with carrying assistance. We also handle larger B2B projects and deliveries.

International freight & customs for Raise The Bar

We continuously assist Raise The Bar with freight and necessary customs documents. Raise The Bar sells bar modules produced in Lithuania and shipped to Canada and Europe. We work with sea freight, air freight, and truck transport depending on the buyer’s location and desired delivery time. Felda is involved from the project’s start and maintains contact with the factory.

Customs declarations & air freight for Viuna AB

We assist Viuna AB regularly with customs declarations and air freight, both export and import. Viuna is a wholesaler selling nougat and other sweets in Sweden. The products are manufactured in Iran.

Comprehensive transport and coordination for DSRG

DSRG designs and delivers concept interiors for restaurants. Furniture and interiors are custom-made in Turkey, Europe, and England and then shipped directly to the restaurant for assembly. Through us, they receive transportation with ongoing coordination and customs declarations for smooth delivery.

Transport & distribution with Linne och Lump

Linne och Lump in Laxå is a store that sells 50s furniture and interior items. The furniture is irreplaceable, and delivery to buyers requires great care and precision. With partners in the moving and transport industry, we ensure high-quality transport without damage at an attractive price.

Customized comprehensive import solution

Two excavators purchased by a customer arrived at the port from China. Through collaboration, we offered a comprehensive solution with unloading, transport, storage, and import declaration.

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Complete logistics solutions with a personal touch

At Felda Logistics, we combine extensive expertise in transport and customs handling with personal service. We offer tailored solutions that not only streamline your logistics flows but also adapt to your specific needs.