Smoother international trade with freight forwarding & customs handling

Felda Logistics offers comprehensive services in import, export, and customs handling. We ensure that your international trade flows smoothly and efficiently, from document management to cost-effective freight planning.


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Complete freight forwarding services

We offer tailor-made solutions for all your transport needs, whether it’s a container from China or a pallet of food from Germany. Felda Logistics takes care of the entire chain in the right way and ensures that your goods arrive at the right time. With our expertise in international trade, we ensure that your goods are always transported in the right way and on time.

Efficient customs handling

Let us take care of your customs issues, from single declarations to ongoing flows. We handle all types of goods and countries of origin but follow political decisions on sanctions. We can help both companies and individuals with export and import declarations, application for EORI number, customs credit and much more. With Felda Logistics, you get a partner who ensures that all customs formalities are handled correctly and efficiently, so that you can focus on your core business and ensure a smooth flow.

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Your reliable partner in international trade and customs

Felda Logistics is your best choice for smooth and efficient handling of international trade and customs matters. With our extensive experience and commitment to quality, you can trust that your import and export needs are always in good hands.

Expertise in freight forwarding and customs handling:

We offer expertise in all aspects of international trade, from customs clearance to transport solutions. With our network of customs brokers, we ensure that your shipments are accompanied by correct documentation to avoid stops along the way.

Comprehensive services for import and export:

We handle all your customs needs, including export and import declarations, EORI number applications, and customs credit. Our goal is to make your international trade flows as smooth as possible.

Personal service with short response times:

With Felda Logistics, you get an overall solution where we can take care of both shipping and customs for a smoother flow and cost savings. With only one contact route, you save time and frustration, let us arrange all the formalities and parties so that you can focus on your core business with complete security.


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At Felda Logistics, we put together the most optimal transport solution for you, regardless of needs and location. With cost-effective options and a personal touch, we ensure your goods arrive correctly.