Flexible warehousing & storage solutions

Felda Logistics offers accessible and flexible warehousing and storage spaces for both individuals and businesses. With customized solutions without binding periods and low monthly costs, we ensure that your storage needs are always met in the best way.


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Solutions in warehouse and third-party logistics

We can meet your storage needs with both pallet spaces and storage. Regardless of whether you need storage for a long time or only for a shorter period, we have the solution for you, no lead times or minimum surface area requirements. We also help you with loading, unloading and transport from and to the warehouse. With staffing, protection and insurance, your property is in safe custody.

Security and accessibility

All our warehouses are alarmed and insured to guarantee the safety of your property. You can feel confident that your goods are stored under secure and safe conditions. We also offer pickup and transport of your goods in Stockholm and other cities. Whether you have a continuous need for storage space or only temporarily in connection with a transport, we can tailor a solution that suits you perfectly.

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Some of our satisfied clients

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Do you need help with packaging and packaging?

We offer packing materials, packaging and transport protection for your goods and ensure that the goods are secured and protected for transport. You are also welcome to order both pallets and packaging, even if you do not stock with us.

Protection and pallet

100% recyclable pallets and transport covers made of durable and water-resistant corrugated cardboard, which reduce transport costs due to their light weight. Can be fully customized in dimensions to fit your products.

Third party logistics

We can take care of your entire flow – from delivery to dispatch. By sharing our agreed prices with a variety of shipping companies, we also lower your shipping costs. We ensure that your products are packed correctly and with materials that are suitable for export.

Wooden pallets and special solutions

Of course, we also offer the traditional wooden pallet. If your goods are bulky and irregularly shaped, we can build specially designed wooden boxes to ensure easy-to-handle goods with full protection. Perfect for those of you who sell furniture and interior design.


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At Felda Logistics, we put together the most optimal storage solution for you, regardless of needs and location. With cost-effective options and a personal touch, we ensure your goods are stored in the right way.