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We offer companies assistance with transport, forwarding, warehousing and other areas in logistics. Discover how we can make your business run more smoothly so you can save resources and spend your time on other things.

Felda Logistics is your dedicated logistics partner.

International freight forwarding & customs

With knowledge of international trade, supply agreements and regulations, you will get help to make the best choice when importing or exporting goods.

It can be difficult to navigate the jungle among freight forwarders, shipping companies and customs issues.

Get help coordinating shipping and importation or let us take over the whole piece - from the seller's dock to your door.

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Transport & distribution

Let us take care of your deliveries, warehousing and booking with customers. You can transfer parts of your flows or let us handle the whole piece.

Through groupage and route planning, we can keep your freight costs down.

We offer warehousing, delivery with carrying assistance and possible assembly.

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Warehousing & Storage

We offer storage and warehousing for companies and individuals with flexible arrangements.

Short periods or longer storage needs.

Through us you get access to a range of services to meet your needs.

Packaging and transport protection

Order edge protectors and pallets made of strong corrugated cardboard for safer transport.

Environmentally friendly and affordable.
Can be customized to fit your products perfectly.

With lower weight than, for example, wooden pallets, the shipping cost is also reduced.

With personal service and flexible solutions, we help you in the best way to make your business work optimally while you focus on other things. Key words are accessibility and personal.

We are always close at hand and keen to ensure that you are satisfied with the service we perform.

We offer services and advice with a particular focus on logistics, transport, commercial transport and associated administration.

Get help with warehousing and warehousing, transportation and international shipping

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